Hosting Facts

Hosting Facts by far is the biggest most complex project I’ve ever built and maintained. The website’s focus is about finding a reliable host that suits your needs.

Selected hosts are given unbiased reviews by both the Hosting Facts team and users all around the world, not only that, each host is rated via thorough evaluation like support and user experience, while uptime and host speed data are provided by pingdom.


By the time of writing, Hosting Facts is on it’s third design iteration, we wanted to get the perfect balance between ease of use and displaying the right information, and so we end up with a light, minimalist design.


Developing the site was more on planning than actually coding it, I don’t want to invest more time revising the code when everything is going the wrong direction, at least for this project, as I had to integrate Pingdom API on the WordPress site, getting the hosts’ data from Pingdom, storing it to the database, and showing it back to each host’s editor screen, basically three micro functions I need to connect and work with each other to make one macro backend process.

After I’ve done polishing the backend process, working on the front-end feels very refreshing and smooth, like cream to your coffee (actually, I don’t drink coffee), which I enjoyed the most, as always, HTML, CSS, and Javascript came to play.

Another function I have implemented was the sorting function, this is where backend meets front-end, as this function needs the data stored for each host to be used by the sort function. After a couple of hacks, thousands of lines of codes, and a very neat sorting plugin, everything was working perfectly.

The complex backend system was implemented on the first iteration of the website, and was never overhauled even after we had to change the design drastically. This, I believe is a product of careful planning, producing a robust, solid, but flexible system that can easily adapt to change.

In the end, we were happy with the result, I was proud with my work, and acquired more knowledge.

You can visit the site here.