Primary Skills

Primary Skills is a WordPress site project for Primary Skills Inc. Cebu, Philippines. This project is a redesign to their old site, requesting us a cleaner and modern design. The project is not just redesigning the site, they requested a reboot, so we made the site from scratch with WordPress as the foundation.As taken from their company description

Primary Skills, Inc. (PSI) is a duly accredited manpower recruitment agency. We are an institution dedicated to just and responsible placement of manpower resources. The company’s website needs a Job Listing so people can apply.


Primary Skills is a manpower recruitment agency, so it required a job board. Job board plugin used is WP Job Manager by Mike Jolley, it is really a powerful job board plugin, and best of all, its FREE! The main goal for the project, is to redesign and modernize the website, with that in mind, we made the site responsive. We also used Roots, a WordPress theme framework in building the site. Roots has Twitter Bootstrap built-in already, so if you’re a fan of Twitter Bootstrap and would like to use it in your WordPress themes, then maybe you want to check Roots out.

Estimated development time:
Design: 1 week (including changes)
Development: 2 weeks (including changes)

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